Khirbet Khann al Zabib

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca



 Desert Castle


Khann Zabib



GPS Coordinates: 31°30'49.91"N 36° 6'2.63"E

Khan el Zabib was one of the stopping places on the old Hijaz railway. Before that it was a caravan stopic place and also part of a line of fortresses. It is located near Qatrana, 35 km to the south of Amman . The caravanserai is 18 km southeast of Khirbet al-Zona and 5 km east of the Desert Highway. The materials and structures are remains of a small late Roman town. Although now damaged, just beyond the north- east corner an Islamic caravanserai may still be seen. It is dated to 712-37 AD. The fort or caravanserai seems not to have been excavated. Bujard argues that, as at Umm el-Walid, all of these structures are Umayyad (Kennedy, 2000). Khann al Zabib Mosque has a rectangular shape (11.20x10.38m2with two entrances from the north and east sides, with a recess at the southern wall. (Creswell) Around 7.5 kilometers from Khann al-Zabib is Qasr al Hammam (Al `Amiriyah) (M Bendi website :Qasr Mushash - Ancient Ruin near Al Muwaqqar, Amman, Jordan).

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