Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca

8th Century


 Saudi Arbia

Yamama Mosque



GPS Coordinates: 24°11'31.79"N 47°21'7.27"E

Above: Aerial view of the mosque at al-Yamâma (© Th. Sagory, French-Saudi Archaeological Mission in Yamâma).

For years it was thought that this mosque had been lost. But the Saudi-French Mission during 2011-2012 survey identified a large building, which when excavated in 2012 proved to be the Yammama mosque. As you can see in the above photographs, there are two qiblas on the right wall. It appears as if these point at 280 degrees, which is towards the Between position.

What makes this exciting, is that this mosque is located south of the Between position, meaning that it has to point northward, rather than south to Mecca. This is important as it is north of Mecca. The Qibla is not some mistake or error. It points within 10 degrees to the Between position. Some have called this mosque an enigma, but it fits nicely into the pattern of Between mosques being built at the time.

This mosque does not point towards east or west, north or south, nor does it point to one of the solstices. It points towards a place between Mecca and Petra, as do many other mosques of the period.

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