Umm Al Walid

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca



 Al Zafaran


Um Walid


GPS Coordinates: 31°36'56.97"N 35°52'17.42"E

 The ruins of Umm al- Walid are 15 km southeast of Madaba in the town of Al Zafaran. They cover the length of a small hill. This site has been occupied since the Bronze Age, with a mixture of Roman and Islamic architecture. The ruins on the hill consist of a mosque, an Eastern Qasr, a central Qasr, a western Qa?r and two Roman temples. The mosque and the eastern Qasr were built at the same period while they share the same building materials and same architectural motives (GPS: 31°36'43.56"N 35°52'44.44"E.) The mosque is dated about 712-37 AD. The older Umayyad building pictured above has a Qibla that points within 1.25° of Petra. The other buildings do not appear to have a qibla.

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