Quba Mosque

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca


 Medina Saudi Arabia Quba Mosque unknown 435 AH

GPS Coordinates: 24.46'83.33°N 39.610833°E

The Quba Mosque just outside of Medina is the first and oldest mosque ever built in Saudi Arabia, and the oldest existing mosque anuwhere. It is beleived that first stones were positioned by the prophet Muhammad on his emigration from the city of Mecca to Medina, and the mosque was completed by his companions. Muhammad spent more than 20 nights in this mosque (after
migrating) praying qasr (a short prayer) while waiting for Ali whose house was behind this mosque. The mosque was originally built around 622 AD, but subsequent renovations and rebuilding have so changed it that it is not possible to examine the original foundations and determine the direction of the original qibla.

Caliph Uthman made the first renovations to this mosque. It was renovated again in 435 AH, then in 555 AH and 671, 733, 840, 881 and 1245 AH. In 1985 it was again demolished and rebuilt.

With so many renovations, it is no longer possible to determin the original qibla direction.

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