Qasr Muwaqqar

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca





Qasr Muwaqqar


GPS Coordinates: 31°48'45.63"N 36° 6'13.67"E

Qasr al-Muwaqqar is on the east side of Amman on the highway to Azraq. At one time it stood on an elevated mound surveying the desert and the cultivated lands to the west. Its position is in the line-of-sight of communication with Qastal and Mushatta to the west and Haranah to the east. Qasr al-Muwaqqar is surrounded by water infrastructure but most of the buildings have been destroyed, although many cisterns remain.

A huge capital on top of a water gauge column in the large reservoir states that al-Muwaqqar was constructed by ‘Abdallah ibn Sulaym by order of Caliph Yazid II ibn ‘Abd al-Malik, in 723 AD. A stone tower (10m) with Kufic inscriptions, now stands in the National Archaeological Museum in Amman, and was found by archaeologists at the site.

Tombs in the Muwaqqar graveyard (31°48'49.94"N 36° 6'21.50"E) generally face Petra Graveyard is: 198.11° Petra is 201.14° which is about 3.03° degrees of error if the bodies are buried on their left side.

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