Qasr Al-Fudayn

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca

8th Century



Qasr Al-Fudayn


GPS Coordinates: 32°20'44.32"N 36°12'2.55"E

This site is located in the city of Mafraq near the old Hejaz rail station, beside the Mafraq Antiquities Office. It was occupied in the Neolithic, Bronze ages, and in the Iron Age. |This fortified structure was built to defend the area. In the Byzantine period the site accommodated a monastic complex which was later transformed into a palatial residence in the Umayyad period. Al-Fudayn belonged to what might be called privately reclaimed land, and it was referred to in the Arabic chronicles as an agricultural estate (day‘a) (al-Asad, et al., 2000). The Umauuad building is to the right of the main structure in the photograph below, and is 2.55° from the Between Qibla.

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