Dan Gibson's Research into Islamic Qiblas
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Papers & Maps
 Paper: Suggested Solutions for Issues Concerning The Location of Mecca in Ptolemy's Geography - 2013 (PDF)
 Paper: Early Dhows in Pre-Islamic Petroglyphs - 2013 (PDF)
 Book Review: 1492, The Year China Discovered the World, Menzies
Book Reiview: The Lost Millennium, Diacu
Paper: Response to David King - 2017 (PDF)
 Paper: Comparing Two Qibla Theories
  News: Changes to Data in 2007
 Paper: QuestionsAnswers.pdf
 Paper: Four Ka'bas
 Paper: Petra in the Qur'an
 MAP: The Petra Qiblas
 MAP: The Between Qiblas

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