Banbhore Mosque

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca


  Banbhore Pakistan Banbhore Mosque Mecca

GPS Coordinates: 24°45'8.64"N 67°31'21.11"E

The Mosque in Banbhore, Pakistan is in an area conquered by the Arab general Muhammad ibn Qasim in 711 AD. This mosque has a qibla wall, but no mihrab. The building is oriented east to west, but did not have a mihrab niche. Unearthed during the excavations that began in 1958 in the ancient city of Banbhore, the Jami' Masjid of Banbhore is one of the earliest known mosques in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. Its plan, deducted from archaeological remains, closely resembles the plans of congregational mosques in Kufa (670) and Wasit (702). Inscriptions found on the site date the mosque to 727. This mosque appears to face Mecca not Petra. You can learn more about this mosque at:

Note: First mosque to point to Mecca that we can determine it's original Qibla direction

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