Baalbeck Mosque

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca


 Baalbeck Lebanon Baalbeck Mosque between  never

GPS Coordinates: 34° 0'26.03"N 36°12'25.59"E

The Great Mosque of Ba’albek in Lebanon is an Umayyad mosque dating back to about 140 AH. (Some claim it could be as much as 60 years later) It has suffered from deterioration due to dampness, salt, and structural degradation. The last renovation was conducted with special attention to archaeological remains, as it is believed that the mosque may have been built upon several older structures dating back to antiquity. Lime mortar and traditional materials were used to preserve the building’s character. As you can see in the photo, the Ba’albek Mosque (to the right of the main Ba’albek ruins) has an orientation directly between Petra and Mecca.

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