Qasr 'Azraq

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca

8th Century



Qasr 'Azraq


GPS Coordinates: 31°52'48.62"N 36°49'38.78"E

Azraq is located on a key caravan junction with converging roads from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Syria, with large pools of fresh water.

While the large fort is most likely Roman, based on Latin and Greek inscriptions from the 3rd and 4th centuries referencing Diocletian, the mosque dates back to the Umayyads. You can see the lighter colored mosque in the dark area of the fort above. The Umayyads did not seem to refortify the Roman fortifications. It is reasonable to suppose that Umayyads saw Wadi Sirhan (and the oases at Jauf and Azraq) rather as the central corridor of the Islamic world and the conduit between Arabia, Iraq and Syria. The cities of Madinah, Kufah and Damascus. Rather the Umayyads used Azraq for recreation, rest and relaxation, and they patrolled the traffic that went beyond Azraq. All the water points on routes leading out of Azraq were patrolled by an Umayyad Qa?r. This Umayyad mosque points to within 2.62° of a between qibla.

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