Qasr Ain al-Sil

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca

8th Century



Ain al Sil


GPS Coordinates: 31°53'40.36"N 36°50'44.98"E

Qasr Ain As-Sil is a small Umayyad farmhouse with an adjoining bath house, located 1.75 km northeast of the Azraq castle. Excavations by the Department of Antiquities in 1984 suggest that the Qasr Ain as-Sil was first built in the Umayyad period. It is a small size palace (4 rooms) built from the black basalt rock with a bath (hammam). The main Qasr house is an irregular structure, built of basalt blocks directly on bedrock without foundations. There are the remains of two olive presses nearby. (Khouri, 1988). Once again the entire structure faces a Qibla direction.

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