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 This website contains the findings of researcher and historian Dan Gibson. He first entered the Middle East in1979 and has spend almost 40 years researching the geography of the Arabian Peninsula. He and his family have lived in the following countries: Jordan, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. Dan has visited all of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, some of them many times.

The focus of this website is on the direction that Muslim mosques faced over the years. This direction is known as the Qibla, and is based on Sura 2 of the Qur'an where announces that he is giving the prophet Muhammad a Qibla or holy direction. This direction is used for daily prayer, pilgrimages to Masjid al-Haraam, and also in the slaughter of halaal food. Dan Gibson has concluded from his data that there have been four different Qiblas since the founding of Islam, but for the last thousand years, only one Qibla has survived, that of Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Many people find this very hard to beleive. Despite writing many articles, books and producing a film, there are still those who refuse to accept the data. Dan Gibson hopes that by releasing his data on a website, more people might become interested in this topic, and do their own research to discover if this is actually the case.



Beautifully filmed in the Middle East, The Sacred City is a detective story that investigates the dawn of Islam, uncovering evidence that is shaking the Muslim world. Using satellite imaging and the latest technologies Canadian historian Dan Gibson has uncovered compelling evidence that challenges traditional accounts of how Islam began.

Gibson suggests the Islamic holy city of Mecca came later in history, and that the worlds 1.6 billion Muslims are praying in the wrong direction. The Qur’an commands them to pray towards the ‘forbidden gathering place.’ Gibson provides archeological and historic evidence that this place is not in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

In this startling and original documentary, writer and historian Dan Gibson demonstrates that descriptions of Mohammed’s original holy city – as detailed in the Qur’an and Islamic histories, do not match that of the Mecca we know today. Then using the Qibla direction of the first ancient mosques, Gibson discovers the location of the original ‘forbidden gathering place.’

This film sets out evidence from within Islamic sources – while also using modern technologies - to track down the biggest secret of the last fifteen hundred years. Gibson not only finds the location of the original Mecca but also provides a convincing argument as to how such a great misunderstanding in Islamic history came about.

While clearly controversial, The Sacred City is respectful of Islam but shows how a deliberate attempt was made to hide secrets that impact every Muslim today. The evidence is compelling and fascinating. In a time when the world’s agenda is being set by Islam, it is important for the origins and history of this world religion to be examined afresh. This is a ground breaking documentary film with world-wide appeal for both religious and secular audiences.


Based on the book: Qur'anic Geography by Dan Gibson.

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Film Credits 

Written and Presented by Dan Gibson

Producer and Director - David Taylor

Director of Photography - David Scott

Narrator - Matt Jamie

Arab Commentator - Adel Shemari

Arab Reader - Ranj Nagra

Cultural Commentator - David Taylor


Unit 1

Camera - Ivan Greyling

Camera - Jonny Binks

Sound - Sean Taylor

DIT - Calum Waites

Ronan Operator - Luke Wallace

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VFX & Colourist - David Scott

Music - Audio Network

Audio Post & Music - The East Wing


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Technical Stuff

The Sacred City was shot and edited in 4K to the highest broadcast standards

Shooting Kit
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Canon 24mm CNe 4K Prime lens
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6 Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB SD Cards
Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm
Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 85mm
Samyang 14mm T3.1 Cine Lens
Kamerar PSL-40 Slider AL
Manfrotto Kit Video Telescopic Twin Leg
12x 4TB WesternDigital RED SATA drives
2x SATA docking stations
1x Red Giant Shooter suite for data verification
1x power inverter 600w
Macbook Pro 15inch
Macbook Pro 13 inch

Sound Kit
Rode NTG3 Microphone
Oktava MC012 Microphone w/Joly mod
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Microphone
2 Sony ECM-88BC Lavalier Microphone3
AKG K271 Studio Headphones
Sound Devices 552 Production Mixer
Sony WRR-862 Dual Diversity Receiver
2 Sony WRT-8B Transmitter
Sony WRT-8B Transmitter
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Rode Blimp
Rycote Baby Ball Gag Wind Shield

7 DJI Ronin 3 Axis Gimbal
8 TV Logic 9” Monitor
LVM-095W-M Monitor
9 IDX VL-4S Battery charger
K2-08055 44x25x35 13kg 1800
5 IDX Endura HL9
10 Arri MB19 Production Matte
Arri MFF-2 Follow Focus kit
11 Case includes: Tbc Kg
Tiffen ND IR 4 x 4 Filters
Tiffen ND Grads S/E 4 x 4
Filters 450 UK
Tiffen ND Grads H/E 4 x 4
Filters 450 UK
12 BNC Drum & Cables
Sennheiser G3 IFB Kits:
Lastolight Green Screeb

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