Amman Umayyad Mosque

 Year AH

Year AD




Original Qibla

Rebuilt facing Mecca


 Amman Jordan Old Umayyad Mosque Petra Never

GPS Coordinates: 31°57'16.48"N 35°56'4.53"E

Above: The foundation of the old mosque on the Amman Jordan citadel (the square in the centre of the photo below) is about 30 meters square. This building was built around 700 AD. So far, it has not been possible to absolutely date the time of construction of these buildings, but they were built early during Umayyad rule. However if you examine the photo you can clearly see that the first set of buildings (lower left) pointed south. The later buildings were built around 740 AD (located in the photo above the earlier buildings) and clearly demonstrate a new focus and direction. The original buildings faced Petra, but the newer buildings (built some 40 years later) faced Mecca. See this page for the newer buildings. During the period between these two constructions ’Abdallah ibn Zubayr completely destroyed the Ka’ba and rebuilt it, possibly in a new location.

As you can see, the old qibla of the old mosque pointed closer to Petra than to Mecca.


According to Northedge, "The Umayyad Mosque of 'Amman," 148, The Palestine Exploration Fund's survey found the qibla of the mosque to be 20 degrees out but Northridge claimed they were using a north point incorrect by 11-12 degrees, so the error is only 8-9 degrees.

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